If you think are you are locked into double-hung windows because that is what is already on your home, you are wrong. The fact is that many different types of replacement windows available from Window World Western Chicago can easily fit into the same space your current window inhabits with a minimum of changes to your home. Read to find out which type of window might work best for your house.

Update the Appearance of Your Home by Changing Your Windows

When fixing a single broken window it makes sense to install a replacement window that looks the same as the original. However, if you are looking to improve your home's external appearance, you might want to add some architectural interest by installing one of the other types of windows like a crank-out casement, sliding, or even a cathedral light. Choose the color of the window frame to match your siding and even add some shutters for a more finished appearance.

Double-hung vs. Casement Windows

Double-hung windows are the traditional windows with a top and bottom sash that slides up and down in the window frame. They are budget-friendly, simple to operate, and newer tilt-in designs make them easy to clean.

Casement windows can often be ordered to fit the same space as a double hung. They usually crank out and are hinged on one side. Screens are mounted inside the house. They can dramatically change the look of your home when the windows are wide open bringing in a large volume of fresh air.

Both types are available in energy-efficient, multi-layered glass that provides superior insulation factors compared to single-paned windows. The new frame will also reduce drafts.

Privacy Options for Bathrooms

If you wished that window in your bathroom offered more protection from prying eyes, ask about replacing the gas-filled window panes with privacy glass that lets light in but doesn't let anyone see through the window. Block glass will also distort sight lines for a more contemporary and industrial look.

If you want a deeper sill to place plants or to provide a comfortable spot for your cat, consider a garden or bay window. Your friendly window experts at Window World encourage you to give them a call today to talk about your dreams for a brighter and more contemporary home with a new set of energy-efficient replacement windows. They can make it all come true!