For those who want to make their house look great, installing new windows is the perfect thing to do. A comprehensive home makeover includes new windows along with trim, accents, shutters, and gutters. This creates a definite aesthetic appeal.


Window Trim


Think of your new windows as the eyes of a house. Just like some people apply makeup around their eyes to make them stand out, a window can be dressed up, as well.  When new windows are surrounded by attractive trim (also called “casing’), they stand out. Interior window casings create a nicely finished look. For beautiful results, it is a good idea to use interior window casings that have a style that matches the look of any baseboards in the room and molding around the door.


Window casings can be a single, simple layer for a crisp look. They can be made of multiple layers that are stacked to create interesting dimension. Contemporary window casings may be installed to match the windows with the goal of blending with the window, instead of standing out. Traditional window casings typically have a high profile in order to stand out with a distinctive look, like those used in Victorian-style homes.


Decorating Windows with Accent Options


New windows come in a variety of styles with accent options such as interior wood-grain finishes to match the wood or trim that is used elsewhere in the rooms, rich exterior colors that are distinctive and eye-catching, laminated glass that is shatter-resistant, and interior grids, which come in an assortment of styles, patterns, and colors.


Consider Shutters for Beauty and Improved Safety


Shutters can be installed that serve as decor only, which are very beautiful on the exterior of a home. Others may be installed that do double duty as protection from inclement weather when they are closed. In the harsh winter weather, functional shutters are a good and useful investment in order to protect the windows and the home.


Shutter styles include many choices such as board and batten styles, raised panel shutters, louvered shutters, as well as combination designs that incorporate the features of both louvered and raised panels.


Improvements from New Gutters


When installing new windows, it is also a good time to replace old gutters. New gutters help manage the flow of rainwater off the roof so that it does not drip down in inappropriate places. Matching the gutters with the colors of the home’s trim is a popular way to create a nicely-finished look.


It can be exciting to have a home makeover with new windows. Call 331-903-6873 or use the online form to discuss the various choices with the helpful staff of Window World of Western Chicago and get a free estimate.