For those building a new home, adding an addition, or wanting to replace worn-out siding, there is extremely good news. By outfitting your project with fiber-cement siding, instead of traditional wood, you may not have to paint the home for decades.


Fiber-cement siding is a marvelous material. It is not subject to dry rot and it is impervious to insects. It is stronger than vinyl siding. It is made from a blend of cement, sand, and natural fiber. Siding installation for fiber-cement siding is similar to other types of siding replacement.


Wonderful Choices for Fiber-Cement Siding

Another great feature is that fiber-cement siding comes in a wide array of colors, styles, and finished textures. The textures closely resemble all the popular finishes for a home such as stucco, wood clapboard, and cedar shingles. Fiber-cement siding can be painted. Since it does not expand or contract as much as wood, the paint stays on. It does not peel or blister, which can reduce the need for repainting.


When painting fiber-cement siding, the best results come from using a primer coat first that is alkaline-resistant and then using a 100% acrylic paint for a fine finish. If there is a desire to change the color later, a water-based acrylic can be used as well, which will adhere well to the previously painted acrylic layer.


Some fiber-cement siding materials are made from cement that is completely dyed throughout with a uniform color. No matter what scratches it, the same color is revealed underneath. This type never needs painting.


Fiber-Cement Siding has Excellent Durability

Homeowners are happy to hear that a siding installation using fiber-cement siding offers more protection for a house than using other materials. Fiber-cement siding is fire resistant and weather-resistant. It is the top recommendation for all climates. No matter how much it rains, how cold it is, or how hot and humid it gets, fiber-cement siding will not warp, bend, or buckle like other materials sometimes do. Because of the cement content, there is no chance of dry rot or damage from termites and other insects.


The professionals from Window World have expertise in siding installation using James Hardie fiber-cement siding. The professional siding installers from Window World also work with vinyl siding if a cost comparison is of interest; however, for those that desire long-lasting performance, fiber-cement siding is the way to go.


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