The entry door is the first thing guests and potential home buyers notice about your home. Therefore, if you are looking to make a statement, revamping, replacing or upgrading your front door might be a smart move. According to, your front door will give you the second highest return on investment after replacement. The best news is that it is not expensive. If you are looking for inspiration, below are 4 trends you might want to consider.

1.    Pivot doors
You might have noticed more and more homes featuring a pivot door rather than the traditional side hinges over the past few years. Pivoting doors give off a contemporary and cool vibe for any home. Pivot doors have become quite popular because they open wide, they also have a simple and modern look that compliments contemporary architecture. Pivot doors offer a seamless and streamlined look and also offer smooth operation. Pivot doors create a great connection between the outside and the inside.

2.    Double entry door
A wooden exterior double door communicates majesty to anyone walking through it. It evokes feelings of grandeur. Double doors are practical since they offer a wide opening for easier movement of large furniture. You can enhance the appearance of the door by adding architectural details on it. A good example is adding an arch above the door. With a double door it is easy to create symmetry which gives it a polished look.

3.    Bold modern front door
Having a bold and colorful front door has become a common exterior trend. Having an oversized door and paint it a bold color like read or neon makes it stand out. A large and colorful glass panel door looks sleek and amazing adding to the curb appeal of your home.

4.    Rustic front door
If you love the deep rich and classical look of a castle door, rustic doors should be your top option. Rustic doors are mainly found on cabins or in houses that feature wood, stone or even brick exterior. Rustic doors give a touch or luxury and comfort to any décor. The door can be arched or can be the traditional shape, it all depends on your preferences. The thickness and demeanor of the rustic door suggests hardiness. In most cases they are accompanied by bulky and oversized hardware.

When it comes to being trendy, it is easy for you to lose your sense of style trying to impress others. When choosing a door consider the architectural design of the house and your personal preferences as well.