If you ever find yourself gazing longingly out your window at the gorgeous fall scenery, taking in the change of seasons from the comfort of your home, it might be time to install a garden window. Think of a garden window as a sort of mini-greenhouse.


A garden window is a three-dimensional window that adds space for you to house your favorite plants. At Window World of Western Chicago, we love helping our customers add beautiful garden windows to their homes. We’ve put together this handy list of four great reasons you should add a garden window to your home immediately.


1.      Grow an Herb Garden.

With a 17” seatboard, our garden windows offer the perfect place to grow an indoor herb garden. The reasons to grow an indoor herb garden are practically countless. Nothing beats clipping fresh cilantro or basil from your own garden for that delicious Thai meal you’re preparing. Or perhaps you plant to grow mint or sage for medicinal purposes completely free of pesticides and other chemicals. An herb garden is a beautiful and practical way to freshen up the air in your home.


2.      Enjoy Spectacular Views of Nature.

Garden windows are a perfect way to create more peripheral green space within your kitchen or living area without a significant renovation. They can expand your view with their three-dimensional protrusion into nature. Imagine standing at your kitchen window in winter as a gorgeous crimson cardinal forages in the bright white snow. Plant hummingbird feeders near your garden window in the springtime and enjoy the show.


3.      Bring in the Sunshine.

Garden windows offer a perfect way to create more light in your home. They increase the area of window space, which means they can help brighten up even the darkest rooms. With four panes of glass, your room will be flooded with brilliant light. By brightening up your space, these windows also add a modern touch to your home’s style.


4.      Create Better Ventilation.

Adding a garden window with vents can offer a dramatic climate control option for your kitchen or garden window room. This can help cut down on cooling costs during warm weather. It also allows fresh air into your space, creating a healthier environment.


Chicago Window Installation Experts

If you’re considering installing a garden window, don’t put it off any longer. At Window World of Western Chicago, our professional window experts can help.


Whether you’re searching for a new place to grow your prize violets or you simply want to shine a little light on the situation, our window installation experts can assist you. To add your garden window, give us a call at 331-903-6873, or visit us online for a free estimate.