When it comes to energy efficiency, one of the things that can make or break your utility expenditures is right in front of you. If your windows are energy efficient, your utility bills can be significantly lower every month, keeping your home warm and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. But if your windows are not adequately efficient, those costs can add up fast.


Whether you have a break in the seal of your window or it simply offers poor thermal protection, inefficient windows can take their toll on your wallet and the environment. Here at Window World of Western Chicago, we understand how important it is to make sure your windows are performing at their top level of efficiency. Sit back while we walk you through some of the most energy efficient windows in our collection.


1.      Energy Star Rated Windows

The United States Department of Energy has partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to create the Energy Star program. This program is aimed at helping consumers save money while at the same time encouraging the manufacture and sale of products that support energy savings.


All Energy Star products must meet strict guidelines to qualify for the Energy Star rating. We offer a wide range of Energy Star windows to help reduce your footprint and increase savings.


2.      SolarZone Windows

With our SolarZone insulating glass package, we offer superior thermal performance. Its threefold approach creates a layer of thermal protection for your home that adds up to serious energy savings. Its warm-edge spacer blocks the path of escaping heat, which reduces condensation.


E-glass maximizes the thermal impact of the sun’s rays during winter months while reducing heat during the summer. Finally, we insulate the space between glass panes with argon for maximum savings.



3.      Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer some of the top energy efficiency in modern homes. Our sturdy and stable 4000 Series offers a sleek style and great energy performance. Its counterpart, the 6000 Series, offers an even higher level of performance and energy savings. Both models offer better ventilation, making them perfect for turning off the AC on moderate days.


Western Chicago Residential Window Replacement Experts

Whether you are ready to start thinking about saving money on your home’s energy costs or you are concerned about your home’s environmental footprint, we can help. At Window World of Western Chicago, our window replacement experts understand what it takes to make an energy efficient window and love to help.


We can also help you create the best curb appeal for your home by helping you find the perfect windows to complement the look of your home. From egress windows to casement windows, we’ve got you covered. Speak with our window replacement professionals at 331-903-6873, or fill out our contact form to get an estimate for your upcoming home project for free.