As a homeowner, you want to maximize your energy savings without compromising comfort. One of the ways we stand out at Window World in Chicago is by offering our SolarZone™ glass package. A SolarZone package can help you save on energy all year long while keeping your home comfortable whatever the weather.


SolarZone is an insulation system that uses high-performance engineering to create beautiful windows you’ll love. Read on to learn how SolarZone glass packages work to create energy savings in your home.


What is a SolarZone Glass Package?

SolarZone creates improved thermal comfort on the coldest winter nights and the hottest summer days. It works to lower your HVAC costs, which means you save on energy costs. It also reduces condensation and decreases the amount of noise coming into your home.


Our SolarZone insulating glass package uses a combination of multi-layered Low-E glass, a warm-edge spacer system, and insulating argon gas. This brings solar heat inside during the winter and retains the warm air, while in the summer, it repels heat from the sun and filters UV rays.


Benefits of SolarZone Glass

By minimizing UV energy in your home, SolarZone offers a wide range of benefits for your home. It can dramatically reduce the costs of air conditioning your home. It also helps reduce fading caused by UV rays, keeping your upholstery, carpets, decor, hardwood, and furniture looking great over the years. 

Triple Pane and Low E Glass

Our SolarZone glass packages include triple pane windows. Triple-pane windows are naturally resistant to sound, keeping your home quiet even when there’s a lot going on outside your window.


Our Low-E glass has the ability to filter long-wave radiation, reducing solar heat gain in hot months so your home can stay cooler while using less energy. During the winter, these windows help to retain heat within your home.


Warm Edge Spacers

Our SolarZone windows include warm-edge spacer systems between the three layers of glass. Our spacer system helps block escaping heat, which helps to reduce condensation when it’s cold outside. It also eliminates glass-to-metal contact, reducing the temperature at the edge of the glass and impacting the energy efficiency of the entire window system.


In between panes, these two airspaces are filled with Krypton gas that super-insulates your window system.


This slow-moving, dense gas is inert, odorless, and completely safe. Because it moves differently than oxygen or other gases, it minimizes convection inside the space, significantly increasing thermal performance.


Here are a few more benefits of our stainless steel spacers:

●        Structural integrity

●        Thermal performance

●        Durability

●        Reliability


Western Chicago Replacement Windows and Installation

With a SolarZone glass package, you can enjoy the beautiful winter scenery from the warmth of your home without so much as a chill. SolarZone protects your home and saves you money on energy costs year after year. There’s never been a better time to maximize your home energy savings. Talk to our experts at 331-903-6873, or fill out this form for a free estimate on our SolarZone packages.