Egress windows possess specific features that make them a safe and secure exit in case of an emergency. They are designed for safety more than anything else. If you are looking for perfect window replacement option for your basement, these windows offer an ideal solution. Window World of Western of Western Chicago’s installation experts recommend that you should install at least one standard egress window in each of your living spaces that lack an emergency exit.

If your basement is not on a hill and with windows or doors leading to the outside, every possible bedroom in your basement should also have its own egress window to ensure that every family member is safe. Typically, an egress window opens at least 24 inches high, 20 inches wide, and has a net clearance area of about 5.7 square feet. The three common types of windows installed in newly-built or remodeled homes that use egress include casement, double hung, and sliding windows.

●        Double Hung Windows

This is a common style of egress windows found on both old and new homes. The technique usually comprises of two sashes that overlap horizontally at the center of the window. Typically, the bottom half of a double hung window installation style opens upwards, though in some designs, the double-hung window opens from top to bottom.


Applying the egress requires that window to be double hung to achieve the minimum opening area. You must also ensure that the opening windowpane clears at least 24 inches from top to bottom and it is at least 34 inches wide. This means that the overall window must be over than 48 inches tall.


●        Sliding Windows

Just like the double hung egress windows, the sliding windows also compromise of two distinct sections, but the two parts open from side to side rather than top to bottom. The sliding window moves along a track similar to a sliding door. The sliding egress windows must be at least 41 inches tall to the opening area requirement. Just like the double hung egress window replacement, both vertical sections of a sliding window are at least 40 inches wide.


●        Casement Windows

Casement windows usually open in or out similar to a door on a hinge. The casement windows can either be controlled by a rotating lever or a handle. The casement style works best for the basement egress since they open out as opposed to the side or upwards. These windows can still be smaller but meet the minimum area requirements since the entire window opens. A typical casement window can be as small as 24.5 inches tall by 34 inches wide, or 41 inches tall by 20 inches wide.


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