Gutters are among the most critical parts of your home since they serve as the first line of defense in preventing water damage by guiding and leading the water far away from your home. They also shield your foundation, siding, windows, and the other vulnerable components of your home’s exterior against the effects of water damage.

Their constant exposure to severe weather elements usually lead to rapid wear and tear over time. Although regular cleaning of gutters can help prolong their lifespan, they will eventually need to be replaced. Here are the top three signs that it is time to replace your gutters:

1.      Peeling Paint

Typically, most of the gutter paints are specially designed to withstand the rapid wear and tear during Chicago’s rainy season by repelling the excess moisture that could get underneath the paint.

Constant exposure of the paint to the sun can sometimes lead to the fading of the paint, but that shouldn’t worry you. However, you should start to be concerned if your house paint starts to peel since this is a clear indication of excessive moisture. If the paint begins to peel off, be sure to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if worn out gutters are the culprit.

2.      Cracks or Gaps of Any Kind

Although the existence of small cracks in your gutters may not bother you, keep in mind that it’s the tiny cracks that will eventually turn into bigger gaps, which are catastrophic. This may happen faster than you think. If you ignore the small cracks in your gutters, then water can only damage the gutters further.

The damage can quickly extend to the shingles above your gutter, boards behind your gutter, and the foundation below it. Your gutters shouldn’t have any cracks at any given time. If you notice the existence of cracks, we will need to them out and replace the gutters immediately to protect your foundation, window replacement, and siding.

3.      Presence of Mildew along the foundation of Your House

If you notice signs of mildew or any pools of water near the foundation of your house, then start to take precautionary measures since that isn’t a good sign. In fact, the primary reason why all downspouts end a few meters away from your home is to avoid this problem.

Any moisture buildup near your home's foundation will find its way into your basement leading to mildew and mold growth. If you notice moisture or a pool of water near the foundation check the gutters.

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