Did you know your outdoor living space is simply an extension of your home? This is the primary reason why homeowners should consider a wide variety of options and innovative ideas for patio doors before they finalize their home projects. A patio or sliding door can do many things to your property, including enhancing the curb appeal and complementing your home’s overall style.

Some of the most recent patio door design trends for 2018 started as custom and innovative creations, but they are in demand all over the world. Selecting the best trend that will suit your home's unique style may not be an easy thing to do, but with proper guidance, you will always settle for the best trend. Here are the top three patio doors design trends for 2018:

1.      Energy Efficiency

Today, every homeowner is looking for ways of making his or her home energy-efficient. Energy-efficient patio doors are becoming the most preferred doors because they offer better comfort while consuming less energy, which helps the homeowner realize significant savings in their energy bill.


Luckily, there is a wide range of energy-efficient alternatives to consider when choosing your sliding patio door, such as the Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings to block the unwanted ultraviolet rays and keep your indoor temperature controlled, the dual pane glass option for improved insulation, and the gas-filled spacers for improved thermal performance.


2.      Black Patio Door Frames

One of the most significant patio door trends for 2018 is the attractive black frames and natural wood. Most people prefer black since it adds the much-needed sense of sleek sophistication. The black color will also fit in almost any interior color palette.


The dark colors work well in a contemporary home as well as conventional homes that want to add a sophisticated look to the overall style. They reduce the need for massive and unwanted window treatments. The black patio doors frame create a beautiful and robust contrast when paired with light or white walls.


3.      Strong Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The trend of treating your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space is also prevalent among homeowners, and it will gain momentum in 2018. Homeowners and designers are looking for innovative ways of integrating the patio more effectively with the inside of your home. In fact, most patios now feature well-designed outdoor kitchens and furniture.


Homeowners now want the patio doors to offer a smooth visual transition between their indoor and outdoor spaces. An excellent indoor-outdoor connection is more than just offering magnificent views of the landscape. It also involves providing greater access to the landscape itself.


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