Living in the Chicago area, you know that the Midwest has some of the nastiest weather patterns in all of the U.S. From stifling hot summers to sub-zero winters, you'll get it all in the Midwest.


Chicago takes those temperature extremes one step further. Sitting directly next to Lake Michigan, the weather variations are even more profound. In the middle of summer, when everyone else is sweltering, a cooling breeze off the lake will make temperatures bearable. On the other hand, in the dead of winter, while everyone just has to contend with frigid temperatures, Chicago might get a "lake effect" snowstorm that can dump a dozen or two inches of wet and heavy snow, clogging streets and making travel all but impossible.


These fluctuations in temperatures outside, while you are keeping the inside of your home comfortable, is one of the biggest reasons to invest in energy-efficient patio doors. With their large glass area, patio doors can be serious energy leakers, allowing heat to escape in the winter or letting cold air in during the winter. They may be lovely to look out of all year long, but on those cold winter nights or hot summer days, no one will want to sit anywhere near them.


Also, think about this: energy efficiency means more than just a comfortable home year in and year out. It also means a reduced energy bill too. With little heat escaping through them during the winter, or with virtually no cooled air conditioner air leaking through them in the summer, your HVAC system will work less, and that saves not only on your energy bill but also wear and tear on your system. Energy-efficient patio doors are a win-win investment every time.


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Stop the weather from getting inside of your old patio doors. Make a difference in the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bill at the same time. Energy-efficient patio doors are the answer.