In this age of do-it-yourself this and do-it-yourself that, everyone seems to be looking for ways to do everything themselves! While that may work for making a bookshelf, changing the oil on your car and doing your own yard work, there are some things that really ought to be left to professionals. Things like window replacement, installing sliding doors and especially putting new siding on your house, should not be considered a do-it-yourself project. Sure, you could attempt to do the siding yourself, and when you break a few pieces, cut some bad angled joints, and then step back and see how crooked it all is, you'll be wishing that you called a professional in to have taken this job on.


The simple truth of the matter is that siding installation is a lot more complicated than just lining up siding pieces and nailing them in. There is an underlayment to consider, potential cracks in your home that may need to be repaired, deciding whether or not to install new siding over old, or pulling off all of the old siding first, and cutting pieces exactly to fit. Windows, doors, mailboxes, and corners all need to be considered when cutting pieces too. Plus, if you are going to install new siding over painted exterior walls or older siding, there may be a layer of hazardous lead paint, which must be either covered up and sealed, or scraped off and disposed of in an environmentally sound way. Not to mention, you will need the right tools and supplies for cutting, nailing, determining angles, marking and wrapping. And don't forget to measure the entire home correctly, or you may wind up with more or less siding than you use, with the hassle of transporting it there and back to where you got it.


That's the do-it-yourself way, and you'll have to ask yourself, is putting up siding really worth the trouble, the inconvenience or the difficulty?


The reality is that there a time and a place for those do-it-yourself tasks, but siding isn't one of them. That's why you need the professionals at Window World of Western Chicago. We are insured, accredited and will give you a free estimate so you know exactly what the job will cost.


Siding installation is NOT a do-it-yourself job. Contact Window World of Western Chicago today at 331-903-6873 and make sure your siding job is done right.