Windows on a home are as important as the roof, the doors, the siding and virtually every other exterior addition that you have. They are especially important because, not only do they look good and bring light into your home, they also act as an exterior buffer to keep nasty weather at bay. Eventually, though, even the best of windows will surrender to the elements, because Mother Nature always gets her way.


That's why it's always a good idea to check on your windows yearly and see how they are holding up. When inspecting them, here are signs to look for when it's time to replace your windows.


Condensation. Window condensation is common on single pane windows. But if dual pane windows have condensation between the panes, the inner seal is bad, and the windows, frames, and/or seals need replacement.


Window Operation. If your windows no longer open and shut smoothly, if they are jammed closed and don't open correctly or at all, you need new windows. If your windows are single pane with wooden frames, or if wooden framed windows are swollen, your windows need to be replaced.


Inefficient Windows. Are there obvious air leaks around your glass or window frames? When you are near a window in winter, do you feel a chill from cold air? Getting new windows stops these problems.


Damage. If you have cracked windows, frames with peeling paint, large cracks, or wood rot, windows that have separated from the foundation, or if your windows need to be propped open or rattle loudly from the wind, it's time for new windows.


Not only will new replacement windows cure all of the problems listed above, but they will also lower your energy bills, increase the overall comfort of your living space and add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.


The professionals at Window World of Western Chicago have the newest and most energy efficient windows that you'll find. We have many different styles and designs, we provide expert installation, and we also offer free estimates too!


For any questions about replacing your windows or what to look for, contact Window World of Western Chicago today at 331-903-6873. You deserve a comfortable and energy efficient home, and Window World can help.