You need your drafty, broken windows replaced. But how much time will it take to have them ordered and installed? Sometimes a radio ad or TV spot might make it sound like you can pick up your windows at the store and pop them in taking only a few hours. It's not quite that fast, but it is pretty simple for the average homeowner. Here's the down low on what you can expect when buying new windows from Window World Western Chicago.

Make an Appointment for an Estimate

First, you will want to have an idea about costs. When you call or fill out the web form, a Window World representative will make an appointment to visit your home, usually within a week. They will take a quick look at the house, the current windows, discuss your desires and provide a written estimate. The appointment will last about 2 hours. If extra work is anticipated to repair window frame openings, that will be discussed as well to help prevent surprises down the line.

Final Measurement may be Necessary

When you decide you are purchasing your replacement windows from Window World, they may need to have a technician return to your home for a more precise measurement so that your windows are properly sized. This may take a day or two.

Your Windows are Ordered

While Window World offers a wide range of windows in standard sizes, your aging home may require a size that is not produced as often. Expect to wait four to eight weeks for your window order to be manufactured and shipped to the Window World warehouse. Once the windows arrive, your project representative will call to schedule the installation date.

Final Installation in a Day or up to a Week

If you live in a home that is in good repair, your entire house can have its windows replaced in a single day. Generally, the replacement windows are removed and replaced from the outside of the home. You only need to remove the blinds and curtains for the installers. However, if repairs are needed to fix rotting frames, it can take several days longer. You may also need to clear out the furniture and rugs around the problem window.

In the end, the short answer is it can take up to three months to have your windows measured, ordered, and installed. The window experts at Window World Western Chicago invite you to give them a call to discuss your options to speed up the timeline if you are under a serious time crunch.