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6000 Series Double-Hung Windows

Our innovative 6000 Series windows offer superior performance. Each precision-engineered component is designed to contribute to greater efficiency and energy savings.

The multi-chamber design of the 6000 Series helps trap dead air, producing an effective insulating barrier. Extra-thick, fusion-welded frames and sashes provide incredible structural strength, create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration, and add up to greater energy savings.

6000 Series windows combine beautiful design and convenient functionality for a timeless, stylish appearance. Enhance any space in your home with the many window styles available in our 6000 Series.

With lavish woodgrain laminates and stylish exterior color options, we can match any style. Beautiful finishes combined with energy-efficient triple-pane glass, a foam-enhanced frame, SolarZone TG2 Elite™ glass package, and expert installation, you’ll rest assured you’ve made the right choice. Additionally, the impressive Window World Lifetime Limited Warranty delivers the peace of mind you would expect from an industry leader.

6000 Series Features:

  • Unmatched energy efficiency and performance
  • SolarZone TG2 Elite™ triple-pane insulating glass keeps the elements out while your home stays comfortable and protected
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines and added beauty
  • High-density foam used throughout the mainframe offers superior thermal protection
  • Recessed and opposing cam locks secure the window while keeping sight lines clear

6000 Series Double Hung Technical Details:

  1. Vinyl frames and sashes will never chip, peel, crack or warp, Made tough and solid with virgin vinyl (PVC) resin, their color is formulated throughout, so the beautiful luster lasts.
  2. Triple-pane insulating glass creates a sealed air space, enhanced by our Duralite® warm-edge spacer system for increased efficiency
  3. Interlock at sash meeting rails adds to your sense of security, comfort, and well-being.
  4. Full-length, ergonomic lift rails provide strength and stability for easy operation
  5. Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior of the window, directing water away from your home
  6. Fully extruded lift rails provide strength and stability for easy operation
  7. Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior of the window, directing water away from your home
  8. Featuring Clarity® mesh, the screen that allows for a clear view, clean lines, and added beauty
  9. Heavy-duty weatherstripping and interlocking sashes help to provide extra protection from the elements, especially against dust, dirt, and air infiltration

Additional Features:

  • Welded, heavy-duty vinyl construction provides strength and durability
  • Ballance channel covers ensure a polished look
  • Spring-loaded, push-button vent latches provide safe and effective overnight ventilation
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sashes make cleaning safe and easy from inside the home
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping at sash sides helps keep out dirt and noise, and protect against air infiltration
  • Beveled exterior profile gives windows added style and curb appeal

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